PMC Services

The use of project management support techniques gives better initial planning and assessment of risks. It provides a greater chance of forecasting problem areas while there is still time to take corrective action and it allows flexibility for alternative modes of operation the project professionals at Allsol are committed to providing the highest level of organizational support to your key Strategic and Tactical Projects.
We have a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced at the inception stage of any project and are well versed in the tools, techniques and templates required to progress individual projects and complicated programs of work.

PMC Services Includes:

  • 1. Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Progress Reporting
  • 2. Project Feasibility Study Report Preparation
  • 3. Sub-contractor management
  • 4. Design, Drawing, Vendor Drawing and Document Approvals
  • 5. Inspection assistance and FAT Support
  • 6. Site Verification & Audits to confirm the compliance to Drawings